Watch Your Junk and Other Advice for Expectant Fathers by  Benjamin Wallace

Watch Your Junk and Other Advice for Expectant Fathers by Benjamin Wallace


Being a father is an amazing and dangerous experience. Don’t go into it unprepared.
Watch Your Junk and other Advice for Expectant Fathers tackles the subjects that other baby books ignore:
- Why you shouldn’t touch the wand in the sonogram room
- The exact moment your opinion no longer counts
- How friends and family will respond to the news
- How TV and baby classes have lied to us
- Which poop jokes to expect in the delivery room
- How to convert diapers into usable guilt
- How to insure your child says your name first
And much, much more
Watch Your Junk includes a special twin version of fatherhood in the event that you are so much a man that you knocked up your wife twice at the same time.
Don’t go into fatherhood unprepared, read Watch Your Junk and other Advice for Expectant Fathers today and know what to expect before it’s too late.
What readers are saying:
????? A book for dads that moms will enjoy too. I was curious about it and decided to check it out. I was originally just going to read the 1st chapter or so to see if my husband would like it but next thing I know I had read the whole book in one night. This book is hilarious.
????? Finally an actually funny parenting book Sick of fatherhood books that give you a bunch of bulls*it info that probably does pertain to you? This book is the answer to the plethora of fatherhood books you have been wading through looking for an enjoyable read. This book is for guys (and gals) who want to learn something but not be bored to tears reading through a daddy advice book. The author is funny, knowledgeable, and candid. He seems like a guy you might have beers with while on a baby play date. Thank you for this book Benjamin Wallace.
????? Not just for dads! ...but dads should read. Pregnant wife here. This was an amazing read! Sarcastic, funny, and poop-filled. I laughed. Like hearty, scare-the-dogs, wake the neighbors laughed. I also cried, but I chock that up to hormones. I got this for my spouse, but I'm nosey, so I read it first. Now my spouse who hates reading about anything but weapons and boomsticks has to read it.
????? The Only Book He’d Read - He LOVED It Bought this for my husband when we found out I was expecting. He LOVED it. The author is down-to-earth and hilarious. My husband said “it felt like one of the bros just talking to me.” The only pregnancy book he would pick up, and once he did, he didn’t want to put it down. Definitely recommend to first-time parents-to-be.
????? Best book ever Best book ever! I bought it for my husband to read before the birth of our first kiddo. I had to read it before I gave it to him and I was on the floor cracking up. He enjoyed the book and found it to be really funny. He hates reading and said he couldn't put it down!
????? If you need to get your man to really read one of these books this is the one. It's funny enough to keep them entertained and laughing out loud while sharing very insightful information. I read it myself first to know which info he was getting and I was surprised. Very good.
????? My husband LOVES reading this book and can’t put it down! It’s hilarious and he just laughes while reading it. One thing he likes so much is the book is written by a Dad from a typical dad’s perspective. Great read! I am so glad I bought it for my husband! He is teaching me things!
????? Great funny book Hilarious and absolutely accurate about being a dad. My wife was frustrated because I kept having to read her "one more line.”
????? Friggin hilarious- and informative. This guy is awesome. So funny, and so spot-on. My daughter is now 15 weeks. So far this book is absolutely right about what to expect. I just hope he's wrong about the poop smearing pa

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  • English
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  • 9781523244119

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