At Attic Books, we try to be conscious of our environmental impact, and are keen to find ways we can lower our carbon footprint.

If you consider yourself to be an eco-conscious person, you are likely looking for as many ways to go "green" as possible. If so, you might want to consider purchasing used books. Not only does purchasing used books help save you money, it also reduces the number of new books that need to be produced.

Purchasing pre-owned books is also a great way to reduce the size of landfills. Landfills cause a number of problems for the communities where they are located. For example, the trash in the landfills can lead to soil contamination through leakage, which can lead to polluted groundwater. The decaying organic waste inside of the landfills can also lead to offgassing of methane gas. This greenhouse gas is even more dangerous than carbon dioxide in terms of its effect on the environment. But, when you buy a used book, you help reduce the number of books that find their way into the landfill.


At Attic Books 95% of our catalog are pre-loved books looking for new homes.

Consider the planet, and read a used book!