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Attic Books provides discounts on bulk book purchases of  different genres. Whether you need to motivate employees, increase productivity, or improve your product, we have the right title for you.

Information Needed When Requesting a Quote for a Bulk Order

If you would like to place a bulk order, please have the following details when making a bulk enquiry either through +254725258317 or email address

Name, phone number, and company/institution.
- Date when the titles need to arrive (MM/DD/YYYY) - Full date required.
- Ship-to address
- Ship-to phone number.

Price Quotes & Inventory Checks

Price Quotes for volume orders are valid for 10 days. If a quote is accepted after the 10-day period, please work with your Attic Books representative to ensure pricing has not changed.

We will check inventory at the time of the quote.  However, until we receive confirmation of the order, we are not able to confirm whether or not the quantity you've requested is available.

Bulk Orders Shipping 

To request a price quote for an order shipping, or to place a bulk order for delivery, please contact your Attic Books handling representative , who will be happy to assist you. Shipping costs depend with the shipping company used and the weight of your order.

Bulk Books for Kids
From their first months of life and well into primary school, children are able to soak up information at an incredible rate. That’s why it’s so important to expose them to educational materials both during classroom instruction and for fun at home. Our collection of educational children’s books in bulk includes wide variety of stories and reading levels so you can help every kid develop a passion for reading from an early age. You can find books to suit their interests, whether they’re crazy about robots or simply love all animals. Discover books based on popular characters or religious themes. With so many options, you’re sure to find a great fit for any young reader.



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