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Attic Books was born from a love for books: to not see books thrown away when they can still be read and their stories shared. Books represents empowerment and education, full of wonderful stories fuelling the imagination. Getting affordable used books in Nairobi Kenya can be a challenge. Due to this, Attic Books was founded in 2020. Bookworm herself, the founder set about finding a solution.

After trying various ideas, Attic Books started selling books online and opened a physical shop in Nairobi CBD along Kimathi Street, Pioneer Kimathi Street, first floor room 5 next to Nation Centre. This model proved successful, allowing more and more books to be accesible to bookworms in Kenya. Today, we are a national used books retailer, processing over 1,000 books every week, with nothing going to waste. Books are either re-sold, donated via our literacy programs or pulped and turned into something new. 

Of course, not every book is available in a used condition. And we know our customers love books! Since late 2020 we have offered new books at Attic Books too. In addition to the 15,000+ used books we stock, customers can choose from over 1000 new books!

We know that books have the power to educate and improve life outcomes. From an early stage, Attic Books has supported education and literacy projects.

Our journey has only just begun. Attic Books is helping to drive a new model of retailing –selling books, creating ways to recover books and continuing to pass them on. We combine this environmental good with social good. So be part of the movement: buy different and join us as we keep looking for new ways to drive our circular model. Be Awesome

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