One Holy Passion: The Consuming Thirst to Know God

One Holy Passion: The Consuming Thirst to Know God


When a person wants to know who God is,and is confronted by God(i.e.when Moses saw the burning bush)then one begins to ponder-Who am I? Anyone confronted with God ultimately begins to contemplate their being and the purpose for their existence.To know ourselves we must know who God is(whose image we bear)Mr.Sproul gives this quote from John Calvin-"Man never attains a true self knowledge until he has previously contemplated the face of God and come down after such contemplation to look into himself." When Moses had an encounter with God it was revealed to him that he was to lead the Israelites out from the bondage of Pharaoh and the Egyptians,this work that God had for Moses altered his identity of himself-"Before we can respond to the Divine summons of discipleship,or before we can heed the vocation that God gives us,we must first grasp something of the character of the God who is calling us."

In the chapter 'Who made you,God?' the author considers aseity(God's self existence)most who desire to know God should eventually wonder-Where did God come from? How did God come to be? Sprout gives the only answer that can be given(that accords with reality)-"He causes all creatures to be,but He himself is caused by no one.He makes all things move,but He himself is moved by nothing."

God is transcendent.He is above us and beyond our understanding(we know about God,what He reveals to us about himself)but in the light of this Sprout asks if we have anything in common with God.In this work you see the Theological,Historical and Philosophical perspective that Mr.Sproul has,which permeates his thinking and writing.It seems simple,yet is profound,that one thing we have in common with God is being,we exist.God has being in himself,but we only participate in being-"To exist is to participate in being.We do not own being or possess it all by ourselves,but we have the privilege of participating in it." This being which we have in common with God is given to us,and sustained by the one who gives it,our existence apart from God is not possible.'In Him we live,and move and have our being.' This exposes the utter folly of atheism,it is undiluted lunacy.

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