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About Diane Coyle

I'm the Bennett Professor of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge, where we do inter-disciplinary research on the key policy challenges of our times. I have had a number of public service roles, including membership of the Natural Capital Committee, the BBC Trust and the Competition Commission. Previously I ran a consultancy, was economics editor of The Independent, and started out my career working in the UK Treasury. Check out my blog, The Enlightened Economist , where I write about economics books and post reviews. My core interest is in technology and how it's changing the economy and society - I've been writing about this since 1997, when we all started noticing the Internet. At the moment I'm working on how to measure better the digitally-transformed economy (how should statisticians measure free digital goods like search and social media? how much is data worth?....), and how governments should update policy for the digital era. My work includes looking at competition in digital markets - I was a member of the Furman. I'm also exploring what it is we mean by progress and how we might measure that instead of GDP.