There are a bajillion books out there (okay, it’s really about 130 million in modern history!), and figuring out what to read next can be a daunting and expensive task! We believe books should be circulated and that an author's work should endure. Our Annual Book Subscription is the most inexpensive and environmentally sustainable way to read.  Discover new authors and genres of books as you exchange a book as often as you wish.  We keep books in circulation by finding new readers for used books. We strive to select the best quality used books for our readers. We strive to promote an affordable reading culture in Kenya through our annual book subscription program.


1. Buy your first pre-owned book from us.

2. Pay your annual subscription fee of Ksh. 5000 to exchange used books and ksh. 10,000 for new books

3. Enjoy the read.

We hope you love your selection and look forward to your next exchange. 

4. Return the book and pick your next read.



Which books are included in the annual subscription plan?

We have a variety of pre-owned books which one can exchange during their annual subscription. We strictly only exchange books purchased from our stores. All the pre-owned books in our store qualify for the annual subscription except those under children category and new books.

Does the subscription include shipping costs?

The subscription does not include the shipping costs of the book to your desired location. If you would like the book delivered, you will incur for the delivery charges.

Can I give the annual book subscription as a gift?

Yes, you can gift someone the annual subscription. Your custom gift message will be included on the packing slip that ships with the recipient's books.  We won't spoil your surprise.  You will be e-mailed once the first order is delivered.   

When will my order ship?

We'll start processing your order as soon as you subscribe, and we will deliver as soon as possible.  For exchange, we will ship your order once we receive your previous book. Our team will contact you every time your books are sent out.

How many books do I get to exchange?

With our annual subscription plan, you get to read as many books as you would like. You can only exchange one book at a time. If you loved the book you are reading and would like to keep it, it is fine. However, you will have to buy another pre-owned book from us to continue with the exchange cycle.

What are the book condition?

We have ensured that all our books are in a very good condition and we would like to maintain them that way. When you return a book for exchange, our team will inspect the book for any damages such as tears and spills. We will only accept books that are in a good condition for our next reader to use.

What if I lose a book or my book is damaged?

You can buy another book from us to continue with the exchange cycle.

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