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About William Timpson

William M. Timpson, Professor in the School of Education at Colorado State University, is also serving as the Director for the Center for Teaching and Learning at that campus. After receiving his Bachelor's degree in American History from Harvard University, Bill went on to teach junior and senior high school in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio before completing a doctoral program in educational psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

After working with teachers and staff at various levels of schooling (K-16) for many years, Bill now specializes in postsecondary instruction, recently completing three books in this area: Teaching and Performing (1997), Concepts and Choices for Teaching (1996) and Action Learning: Experience and Promise (1995). His forthcoming book will be titled, Metateaching and the Instructional Map. Bill has also been a leader in the design and delivery of distance courses for teachers, locally and nationally, using videotape shot in the field to supplement his own writing. Long interested in issues of social class and ethnicity as major factors in school success in the U.S., Bill has extended his reach over the years to a more global context, using a National Kellogg Fellowship, for example, to study education in Asia, Latin and South America, and Europe. An active innovator in his own classes, Bill brings a broad, deep and invariably fresh perspective to his studies of postsecondary instructional innovation and improvement.