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The activity of sitting and rocking on the front porch of our cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina makes things come to me. Listening to emerging talkers, like my own little grandchildren, express thoughts to me such as, "Nana, this bug is 'gis-dusting," makes yet other things come to me. One thing that has come to me is that my being a wife (for nearly 50 years), a mother of two, a grandmother of four, a teacher, a traveler, a reader, a hiker, and a writer, is an absolute blessing. I am truly thankful.

I am particularly proud of ABC Math Riddles, published by Peel Productions, because it won the IRA's Children's Choice Award in 2004, an honor bestowed by fourth graders themselves across America. What higher honor could a writer receive?! I love writing and I love math, so it shoud be no surprise that my first venture into writing for children resulted in four math storybooks: the Adding Annie series, published by Price/Stern/Sloan in 1986 (currently out-of-print). Ah-h-h...publishing... that's another whole ballgame and a very elusive one at that.