All Things Reconsidered : How Rethinking What We Know Helps Us Know What We Believe

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All Things Reconsidered : How Rethinking What We Know Helps Us Know What We Believe
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Are you able to give your first impressions a second look? In this lighthearted and humorous take on life, Knox McCoy explores questioning and examining long-held ideas that no longer represent how we think.

What would it mean to really examine what you think you know about yourself and your beliefs? To not just rely on the cliches you've always recited to yourself but to look deeply into why you think what you think?

In All Things Reconsidered, popular podcaster Knox McCoy uses a unique blend of humor, pop culture references, and personal stories to show how a willingness to reconsider ideas can actually help us grow ourselves, our lives, and our beliefs. In this laugh-out-loud defense of changing your mind, Knox dives into a variety of topics including:

Are participation trophies truly the worst?
Is it really worth it to be a ride-or-die sports fan?
Do we believe in God because of the promise of heaven-or the threat of hell?
Does prayer work? Is anyone even there?

In a world where we're divided by political, social, and religious differences, All Things Reconsidered is a hilarious and insightful book of essays that reminds us of the value of reflection and open-mindedness.

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About Knox McCoy

knox mccoy loves laughing and making people laugh. really anything that’s laughter-adjacent, he’s into. he’s also super into the word swa Read More about Knox McCoy

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